The app currently features no ads and a ton of quality links. Similar to FileLinked, this app allows users to create their own “codes” for quick installation of the most popular streaming apps. Although you don’t need a user account to stream movies from this app, you can still add titles to your watchlist to keep track of what you want to stream later. The app lets you hide channels if you’d rather not watch movies from specific sources, as well as view the description of movies that are playing later but that aren’t live right now. Its films are available in all the regular genres.

  • Changing the home page in Chrome is done through the settings.
  • I don’t have access to this security setting, neither I want to disable it.
  • Going with the fact that the well-known Sony is the owner of the site, you can be assured that the site offers high quality and reliable content.
  • Disable localization of the default folder names listed above.
  • Also, if your Apple Pencil has been dropped or left in direct sunlight, this can damage the battery inside.

This could happen, e.g., if the publisher re-formats their papers or fixes a typo. You can, of course, choose to keep duplicate entries in your profile, but only one of them will be counted towards your citation metrics. Public access mandates usually specify that funded articles should be publicly available within a given period of time (referred to as the “embargo”) after publication. You can see the embargo period for an article by clicking on its title on the public access page. Click the “Follow” button next to your name, check the “New citations to my articles” box, and click “Done”. We’ll then email you when newly published articles cite any of the works in your profile. As with manual additions of articles, it may take several days for all citations to the edited article to be collected in your profile.

+ Google Safe Browsing

If you don’t want Chrome recording your browsing history or websites tracking your activity, go into Incognito Mode. It’s a good option when browsing for things you might not want the world to know about, whether it’s holiday gift shopping or more adult activities. Conveniently, you can add up to three accounts to the Backup and Sync app and manage them simultaneously through Windows File Explorer. If you get the list of accounts, just click on the red icons to remove the account from the list. @user0 If you are still logged into another account the link you provided does not take you to the screen in your gif. And when I’ve seen that ux it does not have the “Remove and Account” as you show.

You can also choose to have a specific website open when Chrome first starts, which is another way to consider a home page. Now that you know how to change your homepage and new tab page in Chrome, check out our step-by-step guide on how to sync Chrome across all your devices. You will see this button in the bottom-right corner of the window. You can also select Appearance in the left sidebar to jump directly to the section.

Turn The Device You Have Into The One You Want

For heavy Apple Pencil users, Scribble should speed up a lot of tasks that normally would have been slowed down by having to switch between stylus and keyboard. For example, you can triple-tap on the back of your phone to take a screenshot or launch Siri. It’s true, Apple finally gave up some control over your default apps. Right now the feature is limited to email apps and web browsers. So, for example, you can assign Chrome to be your go-to browser or Outlook as your email app of choice. To report any of the three new options, you have a couple of options. Either tell Siri something like, “Hey, Siri, there’s a speed check here,” “report an accident” or “there’s something in the road.”

Free VPNs don’t invest in the same level of security as paid VPNs, so you are putting yourself at risk of cyber attacks. Kodi add-ons are regularly targeted, since it’s an easy way to access someone’s device without them realizing it. This puts your banking details, passwords, and IP address into the hands of hackers. My recommended choices all have excellent deals right now, so you can protect yourself for a couple of bucks a month. However, there are plenty of unofficial Kodi add-ons out there that are illegal due to copyright infringement.


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